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Required UC: 3 per episode

A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City.

Creaters: Robert Doherty

Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu and Aidan Quinn

    Season 5:

  • S5, Ep20: The Art of Sleights and Deception   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep19: High Heat   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep18: Episode #5.18   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep17: The Ballad of Lady Frances   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep16: Fidelity   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep15: Wrong Side of the Road   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep14: Rekt in Real Life   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep13: Over a Barrel   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep12: Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep11: Be My Guest   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep10: Pick Your Poison   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep09: It Serves You Right to Suffer   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep08: How the Sausage Is Made   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep07: Bang Bang Shoot Chute   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep06: Ill Tidings   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep05: To Catch a Predator Predator   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep04: Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep03: Render, and Then Seize Her   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep02:Worth Several Cities free   EUR   NA
  • S5, Ep01:Folie a Deux free   EUR   NA
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